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Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey Release 1.0

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
A dram of Dry Fly at Liberty Bar

A Dram of Dry Fly at Liberty Bar in Seattle

Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey 1.0 was a tremendous success.   Dry Fly Distilling released in limited quantities this delicious whiskey. After bars had their pick on sales, the remaining was sold to consumers and SOLD OUT on Aug 7. Thirty-two bottles sold out at 12th and Pine Liquor store in Seattle, for example. Panic begins to set in, had I missed the inaugural?

Luckily, responding to a tip I was able to find  a local bar with it on hand. Arriving at said bar at opening at 4 pm on Saturday 8/8 I was able to still get in on the tasting. One bottle had already sold out the day before.  Luckily the bar had a 2nd, and quickly filled my dram to the top….

Tasting notes:

This is a 3 year old whiskey, but has no age statement on the bottle.  The nose was grain/cereal..  not unsurprising, and somewhat licorice.  A little creamy tasting, compared to Rye or Barley malts.  Less harsh than most 3 year olds, surprising.  The finish like any 3 year old fairly short. Over all: Quite pleasant, stands on its own neat or with ice, and would make a great mixer.

Comment: Dry Fly had to know what they were doing when they produced this in limited quantity. Demand far exceeded supply. The Liquor Store at 12th and Pine said they had 14 people lined up at opening on the 7th to buy, and the other stores I stopped at Saturday (4th Ave S, Queen Anne, Ballard) all were also sold out. With demand this great, are more releases to come? Stay tuned…. Demand is definitely there guys!